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Animation, Design, Video Production and Post Production Services


Whether you need a character to be the spokesperson for your brand or you need to demonstrate a complex process, animation is a great tool for communicating ideas quickly and clearly.  Promotional materials become vastly more engaging with animation. We use animation to create powerful communications and charismatic brands.


Successful branding is vital for communicating what your company or service is about. Creating one look for use company-wide unifies your brand and sets the tone of how clients view your business. We can help you convey your company culture, expertise, and vision through effective messaging and design across a wide array of media.

Video Production

Video content is more important than ever. Whether selling a product, demonstrating a process, promoting an event or communicating an idea, video is the most powerful messaging tool. We have the experience and the skills to deliver high quality, beautiful videos to communicate with your audience no matter the platform.

Post Production

Quality post production is the difference between a great video and just another video. We provide editing, VFX, motion graphics and color grading services to a wide range of clients. We’ve worked with big budget film and television clients, independent producers, corporate clients, fortune 500 companies and YouTubers to help fulfill their vision and reach their audience.

Mighty North is a virtual creative studio headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, specializing in animation, design, video production and post production. If you have something to say we can help you say it in a compelling and cost effective way. We help our clients reach their customers with a meaningful and engaging message. We’ve worked on projects ranging from Hollywood feature films and television, to informational videos, to commercials, to promotional videos and demonstration videos. One thing is constant throughout all our work, our dedication to realizing our client’s vision.

We leverage cloud based technologies to meet our clients needs no matter where they are. Mighty North uses a virtual studio model to assemble the most talented team whether they are across the hall or across the country. We have a network of artists, coders and designers available and our team grows to meet the demands of your project and scales down as the project nears completion for the most cost conscious solution.

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Milwaukee, WI  USA