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Object Pack 05 Featured Image

I like how these photo scans of firewood come out. They are so detailed and complex that I would be difficult to simulate the complexity that occurs naturally in these scans. It could be done but it would be time consuming. These are also easy to photo scan. There is a lot of detail to grab, they are not reflective and they’re small enough to handle and manipulate as I take the photos. These are detailed enough to be hero objects in a scene but they are readily available enough to drop into the background without feeling bad about it. You really don’t have to feel bad about it since you’re getting them for free just for dropping by my blog! Anyway, let’s get on with the downloads!

Download three photogramically captured firewood models for free. Each model includes a high resolution version, (about 10,000+ faces) and a low resolution version (under 1,000 faces.) Each model has been UV unwrapped and includes diffuse, occlusion, specular and roughness maps as well as displacement and tangent space normal maps.


Silver Poplar A preview

Silver Poplar A wireframe

Silver Poplar A material preview



Silver Poplar B preview

Silver Poplar B wireframe

Silver Poplar B material preview


Silver Poplar C preview

Silver Poplar C wireframe

Silver Poplar C material preview

Download the Model pack here

This model pack includes a Maya ascii file, (the native format set up and ready to render,) with Arnold materials. It also includes .FBXs which should preserve the Arnold material and displacement set up across different platforms that support .FBXs and the venerable .OBJs that should work basically anywhere but you’ll probably have to set up the materials again on your own.

If you are getting strange results using the normal map be sure that your cg package is not applying a color space transform to the image. In other words, make sure the color space for the normal map is set to Raw.

Use these models in any way you see fit for either personal, academic or commercial projects. Credit is not required but it’s always nice! If you are going to give credit please do so like this:

Models provided by
Mighty North LLC

There are 2 restrictions to this license:

You cannot resell these models on their own or part of a package of models. You can give them to others provided you acknowledge where you downloaded them from (here).

You cannot sell a derivative work that is not substantially different than these models. I.E. You cannot sell prints of these models by themselves. Is that something someone would really want anyway? You can however sell derivative works that are substantially different wherein these models are a portion or even prominently featured.

If you end up using these and would like to share how you’ve used them, please do so! Leave a link in the comments below.  Let me know what sort of models you’d like to see in the future and I’ll see what I can do.

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