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I’ve got more FUI elements today. I’m really enjoying making these. Pretty soon I’ll have to assemble all of these into one UI and comp them into a shot. At that point I’ll really see how these look as both background elements and as hero elements.

These are just planes undulating to represent different flows or progressions of data or values. I experimented with the shader a bit for these too. When the plane obscures itself, it remains partially opaque and distorts the deeper layers as if the plane was made of an etched glass. It’s subtle but I think it adds a lot to the overall look.

I’ve included a few render passes to help achieve whatever look you might be after. There is a beauty pass, an emission pass if you do not like the partially transparent effect, a transmission pass if you want to increase the rough transparent effect and an always useful z-depth pass. I don’t really ever render anything without breaking out the z-depth pass. Even if I don’t have a plan for it up front, I almost always end up using it in some way.

Each render pass is provided as a ProRes 4444. The resolution of each is 2160 x 2160.

Download the FUI elements pack of flat grid elements.


FUI Flat Grid K Preview


FUI Flat Grid L Preview


FUI Flat Grid M Preview

Download the element pack here

Use these elements in any way you see fit for either personal, academic or commercial projects. Credit is not required but it’s always nice! If you are going to give credit please do so like this:

Elements provided by
Mighty North LLC

There are 2 restrictions to this license:

You cannot resell these elements on their own or part of a package of elements or stock footage. You can give them to others provided you acknowledge where you downloaded them from (here).

You cannot sell a derivative work that is not substantially different than these elements. I.E. You cannot sell prints of these elements by themselves. You can however sell derivative works that are substantially different wherein these elements are a portion or even prominently featured.

If you end up using these and would like to share how you’ve used them, please do so! Leave a link in the comments below.

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