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Pano 55 Featured Image

Download an HDRI pano single for free. This image was captured with about 33 stops of latitude.

It’s incredible how different the look and feel of the last few HDRI captures are from each other. They were all captured on the same day within a few hours of each other and all within about a mile of each other. Yet, the lighting is vastly different. I don’t know if it is just me because I know these were all captured pretty early in the morning but the lighting for all of these feels like morning light. They have some quality that I can’t quite say exactly what it is but they feel like morning light.

Pano 55

Pano 55 Shader Ball

This HDRI was captured near a river on a hazy, summer morning in the American mid-west.

Pano 55 preview

This HDRI is equirectangular, Lat/Long mapped for use as a CG light source.

It is provided as a 32-bit .EXR

Download the HDRI single here

Use this HDRI in any way you see fit for either personal, academic or commercial projects. Credit is not required but it’s always nice! If you are going to give credit please do so like this:

HDRI provided by
Mighty North LLC

There are 2 restrictions to this license:

You cannot resell this HDRI on its own or part of a package of HDRI. You can give it to others provided you acknowledge where you downloaded it from (here).

You cannot sell a derivative work that is not substantially different than this HDRI. I.E. You cannot sell prints of this image. You can however sell derivative works that are substantially different wherein this image is a portion either as lighting or background.

If you end up using this and would like to share how you’ve used it, please do so! Leave a link in the comments below. Let me know what sort of HDRI you’d like to see in the future and I’ll see what I can do.

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