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As I promised, I have more snow elements for you. I shot some nice bokeh elements in this batch too that when combined with some of the other elements really make a deep composition. Since last time I was also able to get out and shoot some heavier snow that I’ve included in this pack. The wind was pretty intense and with my backdrop acting as a big sail it made the shoot interesting. The backdrop blew over twice even with four sandbags on the stands! The things filmmakers have to go through sometimes! Anyway, enough from me!

Download four snow elements.

These are all 6k raw H.264s at high bit-rate of 200 mbps. So really you should notice next to no compression artifacts when working with these.  I know .braw or ProRes 4444 would be preferable but there is no way my host would let me start slinging 500 GB .zip files without cutting me off.

Screening these over footage works well since there is no alpha baked in but if you want a more naturalistic composite use these plates as a luma matte for an animated solid or try using Video Copilot’s Color Vibrance to easily create an alpha for these elements.






Download the Element pack here

I plan on uploading more VFX elements in this line. Let me know if you are finding these useful or are running into any issues.

Use these elements in any way you see fit for either personal, academic or commercial projects. Credit is not required but it’s always nice! If you are going to give credit please do so like this:

Elements provided by
Mighty North LLC

There are 2 restrictions to this license:

You cannot resell these elements on their own or part of a package of elements or stock footage. You can give them to others provided you acknowledge where you downloaded them from (here).

You cannot sell a derivative work that is not substantially different than these elements. I.E. You cannot sell prints of these elements by themselves. Is that something someone would really want anyway? You can however sell derivative works that are substantially different wherein these elements are a portion or even prominently featured.

If you end up using these and would like to share how you’ve used them, please do so! Leave a link in the comments below.  Let me know if you find this sort of thing useful.

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